maandag 28 december 2009


This morning we took the train from Kyoto to Kanazawa. it took us a little over 2 hours to get there, but the view really made up for it. We saw the first real snow of our trip. It was almost a 'Winter Wonderland' :-)

The train station is a really beautiful building as you can see in this picture (Den Haag CS, eat your heart out)

The ryokan (wiki says says they are more expensive than hotels, but thats not true AT ALL) we are staying in is really nice, they even have their own onsen. Too bad we don't have time to enjoy it.
After we checked in we went to walk around the town. First we went to the old Samurai neighbourhood where there were some old Samurai houses that you could enter and look around in.

After this we went back to the Ryokan so i could put on a wool sweater since i was getting a little cold. Warmed up, we went out again so we could look around in the Ninja area. Since it was getting later the pictures are a little dark

We were getting hungry, so we decided to walk back in to the main part of town to see if we could get some food going. After walking around a little and trying to see if there was some vegetarian food anywhere, we decided to just go into a nice looking place and ask. There was vegetarian food there. My god was there good food. Eric got his meat, his fish, his crab and I got my vegetarian food. Boy oh boy was this good food. We want to make a special note of this place because the service was exceptional and the food even more so. Unfortunately, Eric lost the card for this restaurant in the taxi, so we cant tell you the name, but the name on the restaurant is in Japanese anyway. But, it is easy to find, it is right around the corner from the Toyoko-inn (hotel).
Here a small sample of the wonderful food we had

Our bellies full, we wanted to see the geisha area.

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